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    Leadership Magazine

    ​Leadership magazine is aimed at dynamic middle and senior business managers and directors, entrepreneurs, an influential political class and those who aspire to leadership roles, across all sectors of the economy.

    Leadership magazine is one of the oldest and most prestigious magazines in South Africa. Founded by Hugh Murray in 1983, Leadership became the choice read for the country’s business and
    political leaders.

    Leadership’s aim is to give insights, intelligence and interviews with those leaders who are defining the world around us. It offers leaders a space to express their views, fears and hopes, without
    those being travestied by truncation, or refracted through the idealogical prism of the commentariat.

    Over the last 30 years Leadership has acted as a nexus point for the opinions of some of the smartest, most intelligent and indeed most vocal people South Africa and the world has had to offer.
    Leadership is proud to act as the host for some of South Africa’s greatest thought leaders, to provide them with a podium to express their opinion.

    The nature of our target market is difficult to segment, but is holistically professionals, whether they be in industry, government or other market segments. Readers of Leadership in the last
    year alone, have been privy to Leadership secrets and insights personally penned by people such as Richard Branson, Kofi Annan, Mark Shuttleworth, Maria Ramos, Clem Sunter, Barack Obama and many more.